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RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin
There are not many failures by Meyers and I would guess by The Munich Doc either. in fact their return to sport rate is in the upper 90% range. in fact i think it is 97%ish. I would suggest that will be even higher with the advances in diagnosis.

Is SH simple? I know it is understood by Meyers. I think anything new can be said is misunderstood by the medical community. I have to respectfully disagree with you (and I am a skeptic and cycnical by nature).

I think if you approach this injury with such a negative twist it can only be implanted in your mind that way.

You use terms like battle and half-over. Surgery for this allows us to get better so what you look at as a "battle" i look at as an get better.

Even the so called negative posts say they eventually heal so it tells me that meyers did his work. Most people expect surgeons to operate and wa-lah...all better. This may be true in many cases but live waves2ya says after meyers puts you together it is up to the patient to strengthen themselves.

I think why i am healing fast is prior to this last year I was in good shape and the basis for healing is there. also I have it in my mind i am getting better..PERIOD..
The mind plays a huge role.

I will give you an example. Prior to surgery I was in pre-op. I was one of the last to be operated on for the day....3rd to last to be exact. Anyways I saw 5 people in post op...Each one was moaning and groaning and 1 was actually crying and yelling. So much so the RN yelled at him to tell her what hurt...>He was incoherent and just yelled and yelled. NO dount this alarmed myself and the 2 young football players who were among the last 3. I kept telling myself I will come out clear and pain free....over and over to myself. When i awoke I was lucid and conversing with the nurse, even joking. I declined the pain meds and she insisted and gave me my shot of fentynal and morphine. I kept talking to 3 glasses of water and graham crackers. She told me she would wheel me up to the room. We laughed the whole way up and she said it was fun to talk and joke. Also the youngest football player also came out laughing too. The Running Back came out crying/complaining. He was my roomate. We both arrived the same time. i was drinking asap and was up to pee in 1 hours time. I was walking the halls at 2 hours. At 9 o'clock i was changed and asking to be discharged. At 10 i was discharged. At 9 he was crying (really crying to his mom), had not been up and had not eaten. I told him that he should try to pee and get up. I went over and put the Celts game on for him and tried to coax him it was not that bad. I was able to help him up and to the bathroom. It was the fear of moving that is worse than the pain.

My point is that i set my mind to getting out that night and i was out. He was talking pre-surgery about how afraid he was and how much pain it is going to be. You manifest what you concentrate on.

We are not going to make any breaktrhoughs for SH sufferers. We are just a bunch of guys who have it......we can say what worked and what did not, but the speicalists are the guys who live this 24/7 365.

No disrespect but i will take what meyers says over what anyone on a forum has to interject on the topic. This man has dedicated his life to this cause. I really think you are making this soft tissue repair more than it is. Is it a pain in ass and scary because most of us have been through the ringer....YES.....but the diagnosis is simple....the surgery is simple.....mine was all of 47 minutes....My wisdom teeth took longer....

I would take this over my ACL surgery, my broken hand repair, my torn meniscus surgery, my back surgery (non-disc)....Each of those surgeries i did not hesitate because i trusted the doctor and they were common surgeries. I think you are confusing common with simple. I do not understand the comment about AP being bigger than anyone. What the hell does that mean? In my case Meyers was much bigger than AP i suppose. I don't know.

I will tell you this. If you do not have faith in the surgeon...regardless of what not get the operation. It is the wrong attitude to go in with.

I believe you are in a serious state of denial and are in fear. The more you research this....(real data not opinions of some posters...including me)you will find out MOST can not heal without surgery if it is AP.

Stay positive and keep your mind open. This is not brain surgery or life/death.

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