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Mike in Va
RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin
Well guys. After a week of burning groin pain/soreness and testicle pain from my SH, I have taken a week off going thru rest and icing and NSAIDS. The pain has subsided but I can still feel the weakening or tear in the fascia wall of my lower abdomen. I am convinced that as the weakening in the fascia of my abdomen wall is irritated it swells. When it swells it further entraps or irritates the inguinal canal, which in turn affects my nerves. Once the nerves are affected the groin pain/soreness begins and your testicle pain begins again. I really believe that a long period of rest/icing to get the fascia wall repair to take place. As soon as you exercise, the repair that has begun and will be destroyed once you exercise. The following link has a great write up by Johnny on all the different factors in a SH.

He has a two part series that is excellent.

What is a sports hernia?

How do you fix a sports hernia?

This guy has had surgery with both Meyers and Dr. Muschaweck. He has been threw it all.

I have my revisit with my Ortho today after my MRI and CT Hip Arthoscan. I follow this up with a visit to Dr. Muschaweck in New Jersey on April 16th. I have shut down any exercise or rehab, because the SH pain ALWAYS comes back.

Of the different potential types of SH, I believe mine is the weakening of the fascia wall. As long as the testicle pain subsides, the injury is bearable. I have started to come to grips with the fact that having Dr. M go in an repair this weakening and free up the entrapped nerves may be my only way to repair if I truly want to exercise hard again. If I decide to give up on exercise for a very long period of time, this injury could heal itself.

Of the Rehab programs I have seen posted on this board, most of them are made for people who have already had the injury to the fascia wall of the abdomen reinforced and repaired. Anyone who takes on these programs without this repair and reinforcement is only going to end up injured again. This is a harsh reality. I'll let you guys know how my Ortho and Dr. Muschaweck appointments play out.

Mike in Va with Ice on the Groin

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