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hockey player
RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin
I totally sympathize with the "anything but surgery" thinking. I've been there myself. I wish everyone trying this approach the very best of luck. For me, it has not worked. I did 6 months of PT and total rest, followed by a continuation of the PT exercises for 2 months. I actually felt pretty good, until I tried to skate again. My pain came right back, not as bad as at the height of the injury but much worse than at any time during the PT/rehab.

Went to see Meyers and another surgeon in NJ, along with an orthopedic surgeon. Meyers said I was a candidate for surgery. The others did not. I split the difference and tried a very slow return to activity. Walking/cycling, then elliptical, running, light ab work. Felt OK but not great. Then I tried to skate again, and blammo -- right back where I started.

So after about 2 years since the injury first presented, I have concluded that surgery is worth a go for me. Meyers has fixed a lot of people, as have other docs mentioned in this thread. Of course they don't fix everyone, and those people tend to turn up on forums complaining about their experience. So there's a negative bias on the forum that I don't think reflects the reality of people's experience out there. I'm only 36 and not ready to give up playing hockey and working out, so, having exhausted the non-surgical options, I'm choosing to go under the knife.

Other people considering surgery should do so carefully, but I think they should take the horror stories and pessimism on this board with the appropriate grains of salt.

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