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RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin
albert -

Yes, the TRICEP PULLDOWNS, that's how I really hurt myself, too. Now I realize that by doing TRICEP PULLDOWNS, I was forcefully pulling the rectus abdominis (the 6-packs muscle) and tearing its bottom anchor point attachment to the pubic bone partially away from the pubic bone.

Now, I'm trying to avoid all exercise, to give that attachment tissue time to heal, which takes many months, undisturbed, I think. It's made of facia tissue rather than muscle tissue, and needs much longer to heal, in a relatively undisturbed environment.

I'm no doctor, but I've read most of the posts in this great thread, and it seems to me that you should avoid surgery at almost any cost. *Almost* everybody that has the surgery ends up having grave doubts about it after several months.

Also consider the Mayo Clinic, probably the most prestigious medical center in the world. They advise INACTIVITY, and patience.

Especially avoid anything that tugs on your abdominals, like situps, crunches, leg raises, raking leaves, swimming. Mayo Clinic advises INACTIVITY.

I've discovered that my naturally tight right hamstring aggravates my left groin. After a warm shower, where I've been stooping washing my toes, etc, my body, including my right hamstring, is limber for an hour or so. During that time, my groin pain always disappears.

So, I've start doing a VERY GENTLE hamstring stretch twice a day, like this picture:

albert, it's important to do both legs together, symmetrically so that you're not pulling the pubic bone facia tissue obliquely to one side, which is too harsh. Also, I've read that stretching many times each day will damage a hamstring. Better to only stretch 2 or three times each day at most, and VERY, VERY GENTLY. Don't try to accomplish too much too fast. Just stretch it a little tiny bit each day. Do NOT NOT NOT stretch until it hurts or is uncomfortable. DO NOT.

I've found that just a little gentle stretch, for maybe 15 seconds, rest a minute, then another 15 seconds. And my left groin pain is much improved when I get up from the floor.

To avoid exerting any force with my abdominals, I first sit on edge of couch, feet on floor, one hand on each side of me, gripping edge of couch. Then I lower my butt to floor, suspending myself by my hands on couch, and feet on floor, being careful to not use my abdominal muscles.

Then, on the floor, I do as shown in the picture, with my back to the couch, and do a very gentle stretch. Then when I'm done, I reach arms behind me, grab couch seat edge, and raise myself back up onto the couch, using my arms and legs.

The point is to avoid getting up using just one leg as is natural, because using one leg pulls obliquely on the facia tissue at the pubic bone, where you are trying to heal. The oblique pulling is more damaging. Here's a picture:

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