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RE: Sub 1:50 800m Training
Not to anyone in particular, but I understand and agree somewhat with 4/15coach. If the purpose of the session is a time trial at goal race pace, then 1.33 is the way to go. This isn't always the case - although Cram would do 1.17 (based on the Athletics coach article) as a TT (whether solo or not it doesn't say), which I agree SHOULD be solo to be in my mind a true TT, he ran 1.42.8 which is apporoximates 1.33. Perhaps Coe had rabbits/helpers for that 1.13 which makes it really little different than a race, which is 4/15coach's contention.
Having said that, certainly 1.4 is a reasonable factor for many, with a range of 1.37-1.43, to equate a 600m race with an 800m race.
Now there is a time and place for a session which could be time-trialish that includes others and perhaps has intensions of tempo-changing (controlled starts/finishes) for any phase during the 600m - either first 300, middle 200m or final 200-300m. Having help during these sessions, which could equally be "fast" aren't perhaps true time-trials in a strict sense, depending upon one's definition.
I see time-trials, as perhaps does 4/1500coach, as 95% efforts - 1.333/1.4 = 95%. Lydiard said 7/8ths, although that is far too slow really, at least for something like 600m. For 1500m either I do 1000's (moreso when young or less fit) progressing to 1200's - again at ~95% and solo! Based on goal pace for the season, as opposed to the year.

Based on the above, what could I expect from a 17-year old for 800m who ran the following today - 600m time-trial (solo) on an indoor 200m unbanked mondo track - 1.23.6 (26/28-54/29.6). He fell apart a bit the last 100m (~16sec). Would a 1.52 be reasonable by National Scholastic? He hasn't done any lactic work - just a few warmup 60's (2x4x60m - 1min/4min rec) - and hasn't raced yet either. BTW he was aiming for 56, not 54, but he felt good. So the 1.55 I projected for indoors (he ran 1.58 last year - then had mono outdoors so lost his outdoor track season, except for an early 1.54 in May) may need to accelerated. The yearly goal was sub 1.50 - so this thread has piqued my interest - but maybe 1.48 is possible by July?

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