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RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin

I believe I have some sort of SH as well. I remember that the pain started the day after I had done an impromptu rugby goal-kicking practice and for some reason kicked an obscene amount of goals without stretching much. Dumb. Anyway, the pain is exactly where everyone says it is: a couple inches above the genitals, perhaps localized slightly more on the right side, which is the leg I was kicking with. I have been in some pain for about 8 months. I believe the root cause to be overtraining of the strength in my legs without specifically training my abdomen or flexibility. However, my condition seems slightly different to some of you others'.

1. I feel that at least some of my pain goes away after I warm up. Most of the pain is day-to-day sudden movements, eg: getting out of a low-slung car, getting up from laying on the floor, closing my knees together suddenly. I can still engage in athletics, lift heavy weights, run and tackle. Perhaps adrenaline has something to do with the pain vanishing, but it occurs in practice too, when there isn't really any adrenaline. Does anyone else's pain sooth or disappear after a long warmup?

2. It does not really hurt much when coughing or sneezing. Perhaps sometimes, but that's not a memorable cause of the pain.

3. It hurts less when I go through the motions that DO make it hurt, but also focus on tightening and contracting my transverse abdominus (the muscle you contract when you try to fit into a tight-waisted pair of jeans, and NOT your "six-pack".)

So my questions are: Does this sound like a MILD sports hernia or a full-fledged one? If it is MILD, do I have a better chance of alleviating the symptoms with rest? Has anyone had success resting while doing exercises to specifically strengthen the lower abdomen/ Tr.A.?

Thanks to you all.

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