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RE: Sub 1:50 800m Training

Thanks for your reply.

So, are you saying that we can continue plyo sessions up to near peak & peak phases, but to keep the volume low & quality high?

I realise that sprints are plyometric in nature and are more event-specific for 800m. But I've had the experience coaching some 15-16 year old boys (sprints & jumps & 400/800m types)who were not able to run very well if they did running workouts alone. Even after a full blown base phase where strength & plyo sessions were carefully integrated, they seem to run their best when I include some form of jumping even if it is as part of the warm-up before race pace/speed sessions. This is true even up till 2-3 weeks before their peaking phase. This has set me thinking about how best to use plyometrics.

I've read that 1996 Olympic 800m champion Vebjorn Rodal does plyometrics all year round. I wonder if this shows that there is indicative of other benefits/stimulus that jumping can add to an 800m runner's psyche &/or physiology?

Can the multi-lateral & multi-directional aspects of plyometrics lend a certain sense of holism to an athlete's overall training framework, such that the athlete remains challenged & not stale/bored?

Like doing long runs year-round maintains that basic aerobic foundation even during competitive periods, can we see plymetrics as a means of maintaining that sense of dynamic flexibilty/mobility which I see as part of an athlete's base?

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