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Jefe in the CO
RE: F**k the Tour de France
I remember when I lost my Tour innocence. The turning point was 1987 when Stephen Roche had that "amazing" recovery after he looked like he might not live. Everyone was incredulous that he could have possibly come back so strong the next day, almost as if he possessed recovery qualities not yet known to mankind. Kind of embarrassing when you look back at it but I suppose the same can be said for losing one’s virginity.

Shortly after that, every time I saw those guys "suffering" in the mountains, I was certain that they were on some good shit and just faking it for the camera. The biggest camera hog was Riis.

I didn't know what it was at the time (remember those little brown bottles?) but I knew that it had to be better than the Bee Pollen I was popping.

I'm the opposite of the OP. I did not watch the Tour last year (first one I've missed since the days of Hinault and LeMond and La Vie Claire) but with Lance back in the mix I will definitely tune in this year. I will admit that the Tour has become something more like a soap opera rather than an athletic event though but it sure as heck beats out all these crappy reality shows.

No to 2012 wrote:
I’ve always watched the Tour.
Magnificent spectacle and theatre.
Years before all this drug business was creating such publicity and bad press - I always assumed, quite naturally, that the cyclists must be ‘on something.’
I simply couldn’t see how it was possible to cycle up and down those massive Alpine mountainous roads for six hours or so - and then turn out to do the same thing the following day - and the next and so on.
I didn’t especially bother me - I assumed if they were all at it, it was a level playing field and the best rider would win anyway.
I was a runner, not a cyclist, so I didn’t give a damn if they had a culture of taking drugs.
But if some my fellow competitors in running races were taking performance enhancers - now that was something completely different.
That’s what I would call cheating.

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