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RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin
Hi, I am a recovering Bi-lateral pelvic floor repair/ indirect inguinal hernia patient of Dr. Meyers of Philadelphia. This thread was invaluable when I was searching for the cause of my pain (Too the right of my penis- one inch up, abdominal side of the crest of the pelvic region of thigh and abdomen, where there would develope pain and a slight bulge from inflamation, the pain also ran up the inguinal tendon area(Sitting and driving were extremely hard for me to do)). After waiting for about 2 months before I was able to get into the operating room under Meyers after he decided that surgery would be a good idea, it went smooth, as it too was my first surgery. I left the day after, after blacking out when they tried to get me too walk 4 hours after surgery:(
The bill ran me around 35k$, Thank the Lord I am covered under Horizon BlueCross/BlueShield of NJ(PPO), which I payed nothing for the surgery or the MRI! I got home and found the first 4-5 days the toughest, I really just hobbled around the house, 1-2week I was walking well, now Im 6 weeks out, I still have pains that come and go on the right side and a bit of pain at the site of origin, nothing like before the operation though. I started driving around 3 1/2 weeks out and can perform normal stuff around the house without much pain. I overhauled my diet some time before my surgery and got myself off all processed foods sugars dairies and meats(Save fish) and dumped my toothpaste and deoderants for less harsh substitutes, and balanced the PH of my body. I started taking EFA's flax,fish,borage,coconut oils, tumeric, glutamine, catsclaw, burdock root, marshmellow root, Aloe juice, Pea protein(None of that whey,or soy protein) 6 g of C(Bioflavinoids, Esterfied, and Ascorbic Palmitate), E, Coral Calcium and some others to help aid inflammation(Good inflammation) and repair the muscle AND fatty tissue in the area. The body can heal itself of almost anything given the right nutrition. Rest, Nutrition, Exercise! Good luck to anyone who thinks they might be suffering from AP, I hope your feeling better soon!

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