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RE: You might be a runner if...
...running inside on a treadmill makes you claustrophobic. read these posts to psych yourself up for a race.'ve developed a sixth sense as to what cars are about to do. never use your bathroom scale because your weight never changes.'ve developed ways to steer any conversation over to running. take energy gels to races *and* exams.

...your friends all use the metric system (at least for distance)

...when someone mentions "chip" you don't immediately think Lays or Doritoes.

...when someone says "waterfall" you don't immediately think of the one actually made of water.

...all of your spent shoes look as if someone took a belt sander to the soles. estimate your food intake by how many miles it will take to run it off. "You eat a big breakfast this morning?" "Ah, only about four miles' worth." This has the added benefit of making people think your even more nuts than they thought.

...anytime you walk in a crown you revert to pack running mentality; weave...pass...draft...block...weave...pass again

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