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RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin
Wow! What a thread… amazing.

I have been playing soccer through right groin pain for almost a year now. Things stared quite slowly:

- at first just some pain in right (kicking leg) groin while making log range passes and shots on goal. I was able to do anything else without pain. I noticed that abb-strengthening exercise were bringing some relief.
- Then about 4 months later the pain would appear while sprinting - I noticed as well some lower right back pain – possibly I was putting more strain on my lower back as I was trying to position my body in a way which would limit pressure on my groin while kicking the ball.
- Another 2 months and I was unable to sprint 100%. Pain in lower back and groin (on the edge of lower right abbs) was enormous during exercises and even worse afterwards.
- I saw a physio, 15 sessions of bull crap electrodes on my lower back and afterwards I was able to sprint at 95%. I was told most likely so called referred pain from my lower back to my groin…
- 2 months on and I got some treatment from chiro (far better service then physio) and my back pain is not so bad, but my groin is just killing me.
- Last week I played a game (after a good warm-up I was able to play quite OK, but as game went on I could feel more and more weakness in my groin. I finished the game but I got all those new pains and the back of my lower end of ass and this funny pain in my left groin! Of course my right groin (mostly lower abbs) was in pain too….
- 4 days after the game over all pain has gone down by I am not able to do a sit-up due to pain in my right groin (lower abbs)

My plan of attack, I am going to have Ultrasound next week and go from there… As I live in aussie-land not many good/accessible soccer doctors but there are a few rugby team specialists which claim to be spec in the groin conditions… I have 3 possible names and I am planing to see 2 of them so I see how things turn out.

What is a bit freakish in this tread is the feeling that any chronic groin pain = SH and knife is the only option… I have seen stats from Gilmore’s clinic in London (on their website) and it seems only about 50-60% referred patiens were operated… How is it with our German saint lady???

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