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RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin
I was injured at work over a year ago and eventually had an MRI performed, the results showed a probable sports hernia. I was sent to just about every form of dr. imaginable and everyone of them had me drop my drawers and cough. Even with the MRI results, these guys could not get it into their heads that just because it is called a "hernia" that it is not actually a hernia. I just kept getting told to take pills and go to physical therapy. I'm quite sure that it being a workman's comp injury did not help any.
Finally I saw a work comp dr. that said I needed to go out of town to see Dr. William Meyers...I thought I was getting somewhere, but my employer said there was no way that could be approved and I would have to see someone locally. I ended up seeing a general surgeon that I believe to be very competent, but did not have a lot of experience with this type of injury. He said he believed filling in any gap I had with mesh (laproscopically) and some sort of round metal pieces would reinforce the inguinal tear. He also felt that the rather severe pain that I had in my groin would most likely be alleviated by the aforementioned procedure. He did admit that there was a chance that the groin pain might not go away with this surgery and I might need a separate surgery (someone else would have to do it) to take care of that, I believe he was referring to an adductor release.
Well, it has been about 7 weeks now since the surgery and it is feeling better overall, but definitely not pain free. The closest way I can describe it is that it hurts like it did before, just not quite as severe. Sudden movements do not hurt as bad, but it is still an issue. Running....forget about it. I can lightly trot and deal with the pain for a little while, but if I try to pick up the pace, it flat out hurts. My groin area is the biggest issue while running, it feels like the muscles in my groin are shorter than they used to be....very, very tight. And for days after I try this, the whole groin area (injured side) feels severely bruised. If I rest and do nothing for a few days, most of the pain goes away.
One more thing...Now I have injury side testicular pain that I didn't really have before the surgery. It's not unbearable, but not comfortable either. The best way I can describe it is that it feels tender and loose down there. When I dry off with a towel, I have to be careful or the shaking around hurts...the same way with climbing down stairs and trying to run. I had three incisions made, but he did not go down to that area. Is this common? Is it possible a nerve was irritated that is making my testicle hurt? At 7 weeks post-op shouldn't I expect to be a little further along by now over all? If this mesh does not work out and I can get in to see Meyers, will reversing the mesh procedure be a big issue?
I appreciate any input you guys have. This website provides more patient information for sports hernias than any other place on the net that I have found.
Thank You.

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