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RE: Fernandez 4:00.29!!!!!!

Almost! wrote:

[quote]midwaste wrote:

2 mile record is not the same as the 3200 record!

If you want to start splitting hairs, you called it the "deuce." That is the nickname for the 2-mile. If we are really getting that technical, there is nothing "deuce" about the 3200m, because it's approximately 18m short of two miles.

Additionally, you can't dismiss Nelson's record simply because the clowns in the CIF created an entirely new distance. Maybe next year they will decide to start running the 3100m, and someone else will have the national record! Is that how it works?

The simple fact of the matter is that the 3200m is a poor-man's short-course "deuce" on the track. Even if you take Nelson's average pace AND account for the fact that it was hand-timed, his performance is still superior.

I'm sorry, but you can't take the record away from Nelson simply because there wasn't anyone timing him 18m before the finish line! Don't get me wrong, though. I think that Fernandez is amazing, and I would love to see him run 8:29 at NON. However, this evening he ran the second-fastest eight-lap race in HS history, and that's a fact.[/quote]

'Deuce' is often used interchangeably for for 3200 or 2 mile, especially since the 2 mile is rarely run these days. It's similar to the way that people refer to the 1500 as the metric mile (which drives me crazy incidentally). I was (obviously) referring to the fact that German ran a national record for 3200m and not 2 full miles.

Look, I'm not in charge of the governing bodies of high school track and field so I have no control over what distances they chose to recognize for record keeping purposes. Be that as it may, they choose to keep track of the 2 mile and the 3200 as seperate records. Consequently it is not incorrect to state that he broke the record for 3200m even if Nelson likely ran faster during his record 2 mile.

So in reality you are wrong (albeit mostly semantically) in saying that German ran the second fastest 8 lap race in high school history, since Nelson was in fact not running an 8 lap race, but an 8 lap + 18 meter race (as you so graciously pointed out before).

Stupid distinction? Perhaps. But then they also choose to distinguish between the 1500, the 1600, and the mile which is just as silly.

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