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RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin
Hmm, I would appreciate any help here.

I am (or was) a runner. This time last year my wife and I had our first child so my 5k training runs would consist of bolting our the door and running hard for any 25 minutes I could scrounge up.

Guess what... I got injured. I would describe it as a tenderness on the left side of my crotch, right where my abs meet my leg to the side of my penis. It wasn't really painful but would get really sore in the 2-3 days after I ran. I would feel discomfort when I ran, but it would go away after about 10 minutes. I just ran through this during the summer and suffered walking around in the next few days (medium discomfort, rarely any sharp pains except when going up stairs).

Life intervened and I completely stopped running from August until November, when I began a half-marathon program. I literally forgot about my injury. Everything was fine until I pushed it on a 10 mile run in January and felt that same old sensation ON BOTH SIDES of my groin. I had also been doing a decent amount of crunch in the previous 3 weeks.

I immediately stopped running and started researching as I realized this was something that I should no longer ignore. That's when I found you guys! I must say, I nearly had a panic attack as I learned about SH's and how surgery may be the only option.

What I am here for is some guidance. I live in a small town in central NM (Socorro) and my local Dr. can't really help other than to say it isn't a hernia (of the turn and cough variety). She said to go see a PT who in turn thinks it is something that only rest will help and then to see an orthopedic surgeon/specialist in Albuquerque.

The problem is is that I called them up and they said, "we don't work on groins." I can't find a single orth. Dr. in ABQ who will (from a small list of 5 based on leads from other Dr's).

Any suggestions on how to find someone who understands this and can look at me with that knowledge? Perhaps I don't have a SH, but I fear being checked out by a specialist who doesn't even know what that is!

At this point, I am just going to go down the list of orthopedic surgeons in ABQ, and then try to find a new general practitioner in ABQ or surgeon (as in someone who at least works on typical hernias).

One other note, I would never describe my pain as debilitating, it feels more like my muscles are bruised or tender. It is just an annoyance but I do not want to run on it. Is that worth surgery? It seems some people on this list can hardly function. Granted, I really miss running (read: I am getting fat and depressed) and can't fathom the idea of not running with my son as he grows up.



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