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RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin

Anyone had surgery and feel worse or no better?

Here’s my history:

Dec 2006 – Pull/Strain (left) groin playing football (soccer). Rest for 6 weeks

Feb 2007 – GP checks for hernia and diagnoses groin pull. Refers me to a physio

Feb-Apr 2007 - PT – Stretching exercises, aggravates groin with pain referring all the way down leg, particularly back of thigh. Any exercise has the same effect with groin/leg feeling incredibly tight and painful for days after. Only solution is complete rest

Apr-May 2007 – Decide to go to Sports Med doc who, after ultrasound (to rule out anything else), eventually diagnoses SH

Jun 2007 – See surgeon who also diagnoses SH. Books me in for laparoscopic (mesh) repair, he cites 85% success rate

Aug 2007 – Surgery

Sep 2007 – Have sharp localised pain. Surgeon thinks it’s the mesh tacks catching a nerve and will eventually settle with stretching and massage. Because of this, can’t really tell if surgery successful

Mar 2008 – Still in considerable pain. Have massaged, stretched, exercised etc etc. The sharp pain has subsided somewhat but now I’m left with exactly the same problems pre-surgery, only now I’m not sure if it’s the surgery itself causing them. Went back to the surgeon who thinks it’s the existing problem and not the surgery. He has no answers and really doesn’t know what to do with me except referring me back to the sports med doc

That’s where I am now, still in pain, waiting to see the sports med doc.

Can anyone offer advice as to what I can do now? Could it be possible that the op has made things worse? How about trying any of the following?

MRI – what does this show exactly?
Steroid injections
Alternate healing methods
Particular Exercise/Diet regime
Mesh removal
Going to Germany

I am open to any thoughts.


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