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RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin
I had cortisone shots/ nerve blocks twice in my attempts at finding anyway out of my pain . The first one lasted for two weeks , It was a miracle, I was sure I was on the road to recovery. That is until I bumped into something and it all came back in twenty seconds. It was like someone let the air out of my balloon .Pure anguish. The second one was six months later, it did not work as well , I still hurt lots , but it lasted for two months (as long as I did no activity). It just brought down the threshold. I was told that I should not risk a third cortisone shot as the tendons around the pubic bone can easily be weakened by cortisone. The nerve block part of the shot did some good in that it let us know that the real injury must be affecting my ilioinguinal nerve. It was a big jump from there to finding someone that understood sports hernias.
The problem is that if you have a SH there is no amount of cortisone that will help it . It is usually a tear to the transverse fascia, around the transverse abdominus and no amount of rest will ever fix it. You may be able to get around with a small tear for years in a comprimised way as I and several others here did. I worked around mine for two or three years before an activity that I couldn't control finally really got me. Before that I learned how to modify my activities so that I minimized the movement around the injury. If you do this long enough you screw up muscle patterns all over your body. After a while you will have all sorts of other aches. For me my back on the opposite side seemed worse then the SH after a year. I also had my left hip and left outer hamstring involved. They could cramp in an instant.
I had been to 8 doctors that all did regular hernia surgeries for a living, including 3 that only do hernias. I had 5 mri's and several ultrasounds. None of these guys could find any sign of a hernia in me and I assure you they tried. There was also a pattern of not believing that sports hernias even exist that seemed to be prevalent.You really need to find a doctor that has knowledge of this type of injury, It is not a regular hernia. A proper ultrasound found two tears in my transverse fascia in the first minute. It took me too long to convince myself to travel to an expert. 12000 miles traveled is nothing compared to another month lost if you really think you have this.

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