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Richard Perry
RE: Post-nuptial shutoff?

Tobias Funke wrote:

I'm bummed I've only found this thread now. HaHa

Been married over 11 years, dated for about 8 before that. Typical like most other relationships. Did it like rabbits when first dating, but things slow a bit after marriage, jobs, kids, etc.

Sure requency isn't what it used to be, but my wife is a freaky demon in the sack. Quiet average teacher type by day, freak-a-zoid when she's in the mood.

I don't have any sage wisdom for anybody other than to say good luck when picking a woman. Mine's awesome. She doesn't sweat stupid stuff like most other women do. Like when there's a bachelor party and me and my buddies are headed to the nudie bar, I don't have to lie to her. On the way over in the car, my buddies will have to talk about the plan of what to tell the wives where they were. F--k that. I tell my wife and she's cool with it. The only thing she'll usually say is "Try not to put the girls through college all in one night." Hahaha. Oh and she digs porn too!

Man, now I want to leave work and nail her.

On the other side of the coin...and I've been married 26 giving the woman some space too. Rearing children is of tantamount importance to women which I don't think there is any way a man can match. I've read one theory which espouses that the same pleasure sensors for sex in a woman are stroked by the mothering of children.

As to the bachelor party interesting thing in our marriage is that, on occasion, my wife has gone out with her friends to male strip clubs/parties. This doesn't really bother me since I'm not the type of guy who's all that possessive but once I realized that she always comes home rarin' to go at it hot and heavy on those nights I was almost encouraging her out the door.

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