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"Brooks lactate shuttle hypothesis was written almost 24 years ago, and you still don't even know anything about it.

You state so many untruths that it is difficult to know when to begin to point out your mistakes.

Stop arguing you clueless fool."


Saying I am a fool isn't an intelligent way of scoring points in a debate.

I have read Brooks' research on the lacate-shuttle back in the 1980s, when it first came out. I've also read his more recent articles on his theory (at least the 2000 and 2002 articels in my files I've read). Additonally, I've read Donovan's articles on the topic. So, you are wrong in saying I haven't read his work in the last 24 years. Don't talk about things you are not knowledgable about!

I have acknowledged that lactate-shuttling occurs, and if you reach recent research articles you'll find that the vast majority takes place in the liver and heart, not in other muscles cells (fibers), as I clearly stated in a previous post I made.

Regardless, it doesn't matter if lactate does or does not occur at a high rate in working muscle fibers because (when) the level of lactate (minus the resting lacate value) exceeds the clearance capacity of the cell(s), degradation of force & velocity occurs. You have to push harder and harder to get more force out of your legs when lactate production exceeds clearance.

To the runner who wants a basic explanation: Your legs rig more and more as lacate production exceeds clearance.

(Note there is a difference between lactate clearance and lacate-shuttling, so don't give us replies saying they are the same thing.)


You still haven't answered a simple question: If lacate were such a great source of energy, why aren't coaches and their science teams injecting it into athletes prior to competitions in order to "get a competitive advantage?"

My answere: Nobody injects lacate because it doesn't elevate performance. Lactate is merely a causation of intense cycling of carbon atoms, and it has limited real-value.

Think about it! Why don't coaches or their teams inject lactate?

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