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Notes on the last few posts:

I have no idea what 3 books Bideau is specifically referring to, but has some really good information on Harry Wilson's training (look in the "learning from the past" section")


I was recalling those figures from memory (or at least trying to). Your figures are definitely more accurate than my hasty recalling.

Lactate as an aerobic fuel: Yes, lactate is an aerobic, efficient fuel. However, the more lactate in the tissues, the more hydrolysis of ATP there is. The more hydrolysis of ATD, the more the body's pH level lowers. So, no, lactate doesn't cause acidosis directly. However, the amount of lactate concentration in the tissues is a viable way of measuring the degree to which the blood's pH has been lowered because even though lactate doesn't cause lowered pH, it is linked to it indirectly.

So while it is technically incorrect to say "lactate causes acidosis" it isn't incorrect to say "the amount of lacate concentration is a good indicator of the degree to which the body's pH has been lowered."


This is where you're putting words in my mouth. You're saying Lydiard is useless nowadays, that it was good in the 60s, but outdated and ancient now.

I'm not saying Lydiard is the only way. But it is still a GOOD way. Will it work for everyone? No. But will it work for a lot of people? Sure thing!

See, the way I see it, Lydiard was a revolutionary, and his methods are still viable and important and relevant today. Are there other coaches with valuable contributions? Of course. Lydiard is one of several incredibly ground-breaking coaches.

You say Lydiard is outdated, its a cult, it was ok in the 60s but useless now. I say he's still influential, still important, and still relevant.

Some athletes don't follow a Lydiard model at all. Bob Schul, Jim Grelle, and Jim Spivey come to mind. Schul was a gold medalist, Spivey was a 3:49 miler. Obviously, Lydiard isn't the only way to success. But it IS STILL A WAY. And it's STILL a GOOD way.

A lot of athletes are Lydiard influences- Shorter said (in his OWN WORDS) that he was a Lydiard guy. Bideau said the same about Mottram. So stop whining about me using examples of athletes to support my point. I'm not looking at a guy's training and saying "oh, thats Lydiard." I'm taking these athletes' OWN WORDS.

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