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It's easy to say with the benefit of hindsight "oh, a big aerobic base is common sense."

Well you know what? Before Lydiard, it WASN'T common sense. Especially for mid-distance runners.

Sure, you had Ernst Van Aaken, but his ideas were largely ignored in favor of his contemporary, Gerschler.

It's easy to look back and go "oh, Lydiard figured out that even mid-distance guys needed a big base- that's just common sense."

It's also easy to look back on almost any great advancement say "oh, common sense." Using the power of steam to run turbines to generate power to allow for electrically powered devices that make our lives easier is common sense too- but we don't say that the guy who invented the turbine or discovered steam power isn't anyone special, do we?

NOW it's common sense that a runner needs a big base. Because LYDIARD made base building a huge priority.

If weekly long runs were oudated, then why were Lydiard's runners so successful? Mid-distance runners need a weekly long run during conditioning/preparation periods. Steve Ovett ran long once a week, Coe commonly ran 12-14 miles, El Guerrouj did long runs. Long runs are ESSENTIAL for mid-distance runners.

Oh, and about Mottram:

"I've also read Lydiard, which is still the base of all the best distance training programs going around today."

-Nic Bideau, Mottram's coach, in an interview.


Also, Nic said: “Three books will tell you how to do the training. It’s not like it is incredibly complex. Lydiard was talking about it in the 60s.

“You can look at Lydiard or Harry Wilson. I didn’t invent the stuff that I tell Mottram to do that helps him run well, or Benita Johnson or Sonia. Alan Storey didn’t invent it. In the 1970s Brendan Foster was doing it. I was talking to Dick Quax earlier this year and showed him what Mottram did that week and he said, ‘That’s the same sort of stuff as we did!’”


Oh, I guess Bideau is a crazy Lydiard cultist too. Lydiard is soooo out of date- Mottram only ran 3:48 mile, 8:03 two mile, and 12:55 5000. What a stupid, pointless, ancient training regimen.

If you didn't know, IQ100, Ovett's coach was Harry Wilson, who had Ovett doing well over 100 a week, a weekly long run, Lydiard-type hill circuits.

When will you stop ignoring the facts? There is no Lydiard Cult, only people who recognize how significant Lydiard's contributions to distance running training were.

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