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RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin

First of all I hope you guys will forgive me for my English spelling since I'm Swedish.

For about 2 years I've been suffering from groin-pain on both my right and left side. I got problem sleeping on the side, crossing my legs, sitting, coughing etc.
Apart from the groin-pain, I have pain in a structure (tendon or something similar, ~5-7 mm in diameter) which I can feel all the way down from my lower groin to the gluteal fold. Sometimes I can feel a sharp pain from this structure but most of the time it's just sore. None of the doctors I've been seeing have succeeded in finding out what this structure is or what might be causing my pain. Has anyone any similar experiences and do you think it's related to my AP?

A few questions concering your experience of AP:

1. I suspect that my herniation is not a regular AP or inguinal hernia since my pain/feeling of weekness/tear reaches down to about 2-3 cm BELOW the pubic tubercule (except from the pain in my inguinal region). Where is your pain localized? Have you ever heard of anyone suffering from the same symtoms? My fear is that my herniation is localized too low to be treated with a normal inguinal hernia- or AP-surgery.

2. After reading almost all of this thread I wonder what the complications from this surgery are? Does it involve sexual problems such as disturbed erection or impotence?
To me pelvic floor repair seems pretty invasive but none of you guys have ever mentioned sexual problems and that's a big relief. Keeping my erection and sex-drive intact is more important to me than being fully recovered athletically (but of course I prefer to have both!).

Since this affects almost every part of my life I'll appreciate every answer: thoughts, ideas or experiences!

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