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RE: drug tests -- and drug headlines -- are false <-->
#1 There is very likely NO increase in performance with drugs, and

#2 "If" there is an increase in performance with drugs, the accuracy of any protocols to determine such an increase and/or use of such drugs is non existent, falacious, and false

What the f*** are you smoking?

1. drugs do work
2. because drugs work people run faster
3. determining the accuracy that people run faster do existence
4. the protocols to determine drug use are simple, they show up in the blood and piss.
5. determining that drugs work has been well established in many different testing procedures. ALL the major drug companies know how to test the effectiveness of their drugs.
6. If they didn't work the compainies would not sell them

1. The fact that most drugs have medical uses does not mean they have performance increasing effects
2. No one tests drugs with this intention, thus any claims are just theories and don?t rely on any empirical data.
-- you want to ARTICULATE your argument, maybe your high iq just skipped this step.

----- The Empirical data though is the fact people do run fast on drugs.
1. Drug cheats win races
2. they run really really fast. (most have significant improvements)
3. it must be unnatural (mitochondrial develop takes a long time to develop. Most rates of improvement follow this natural adaptation to training, druggies apparently don?t - -that is because they are using chemicals and not nature to alter there body)
4. if they(druggies) win races and are really fast unnaturally, natural athletes lose races and are slow by comparison.

what if everyone is on the drugs?
1. The only difference would be genetic and training or the drug itself. Therefore if everyone takes drugs the best naturally gifted athlete with the best pharmacist will win.
But not everyone takes drugs or are they?

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