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RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin
Jeff, yesterday marked 8 weeks post surgery for me. So nobody has to read past messages from me, I had bi-lateral pelvic floor repair from Dr. Meyers, no adductor release but he found an inguinal on my right side when he went in so he repaired that too. Since my last post (not even two weeks ago), I have to say a lot has changed. I have played hockey twice, sprinted twice and done some relatively hard workouts in between. The pain on my left side is gone. It has been replaced by more general pain/soreness 'in the area' (no more acute pains in actual places I can point out) but I am quite comfortable that this pain has purely been because I've 'stepped it up' and honestly it's pretty mild as pain goes. I know it's there but it's not particularly debilitating.

Dr. Meyers put me on Indocin for the next month to help with the inflammation that the increased exercise is causing. I felt so good the day after he gave me the prescription (without having started) that I didn't take it the first couple of days but after feeling pain I started and am now committed to adhering to it.

It has taken me a while to establish some consistency with this recovery but I believe I'm noticing that it happens in microstages. I go a little harder than 'before' and the pain starts but not to the point that I can't continue. Then after a day or two it stops (even while working through it) and I can continue that pace pain free. Then I notch it up another level and the pain starts again, same routine, a day or two later that level no longer bothers me.

I'm about 90% to the level of activity I had before SH started to affect me. For me, this recovery is absolutely slow and incremental but it's always there.

If it keeps up like it's going, I imagine it will be another 3-4 weeks but after that point I think it will be as if SH never happened to me. This might be a bit of wishful thinking but if the last weeks are an indicator it will happen. Frankly, even if my recovery stopped 'now' I would consider the surgery to have been a success. As long as I don't go backwards I'm happy.

I don't know what another 14 years (I'm 41) means for recovery and of course there are many (Dr. Meyers says 18) variations of this injury but I think this will have definitely worked for me and the most overriding thing I can say is that recovery is extremely incremental, that you must adhere to the recovery plan as much as you are able and that all of the pains along the way are not to be considered on their own, try to look at the recovery week to week or even in two week increments.

I'm not completely out of the woods yet so I will post again when it either happens or something not so good happens. Anyone feel free to ask any questions, this forum was invaluable for me.


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