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Shoeless Joe
RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin
Hi everyone,

This is a miracle of a site for those suffering from lingering, chronic groin pain.

I too have had chronic groin pain for nearly 2 years; with a visit to just about every type of medical doctor, naturpath, prolotherapist, chircopractor, physical rehab specialist, & acupuncturist, I can speak from experience, this is a tough injury that will eventually become better recognized in all medical fields.

And that's the problem; an injury like this is specific, but the diagnosis wasn't. That's what happened to almost all of us on this thread; we seek help and concede to the lack of knowledge on this sports groin/rectus abdominis tear, this nagging pain that sidelines weekend warrior to professional athlete, women and out of shape chaps too.

An abundance of good advice can be found within this thread. I can offer insight, anatomy & physiology and recommendations for diagnosing this stingingly debilitating affliction.

Just go so Dr. Meyers in Philadelphia. It's the fastest, but NOT cheapest route to go. If you think you may have something wrong, it persists and your quality of life is compromised even slightly, get a pelvis MRI, talk to Meyers and assess the injury.

I think, as does Dr. Meyers, that a sports groin, a live tissue tear CAN heal. It can. New tissue is regenerated. And you'll feel better. You have to make sacrifices, and for a long time. But you can heal this injury. Just give it 3-5 years or more.

Why? Because you're just not getting enough blood to the area to spur healing. It's almost as simple as that. Meyers has papers - you may not understand them but the key is, you probably have a tear that needs to be reattached. A surgery like this happens all the time. Wrists, knees and lower abs.

See if you can heal it yourself for about 6 months. That means, you can't play your sport. You can't run, you can't do sit ups...but you can do very gentle core strengthening to stabilize the area. But it's a long time to try to heal. So you have options.

So, go to Meyers, get assessed. Go with your gut, but know that you're, right now, unattached and your frustration in figuring out what to do is high. Emotions reign. This is writing on the way to feel this way.

I had suffered for way too long...I sought every type of treatment and they only thing that helped other than my recent surgery was prolotherapy - injections of nothing more than simple sugar into the problem area in the hopes of firing cells to heal. It helped me with my pain, but wasn't enough to completely solve this aching groin (which was both sides).

I saw Meyers, I mulled it over, fret over it too, and finally made the decision.

7 weeks out and I'm slowly returning to normal. Slowly.

Please know that studies say ligaments don't fully return to 100% until at least 12 months passed since surgery. By 6 months you are 75%, but that's not enough to really play your sport or run too frequently.

So, Meyers says 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 12 weeks for some then rehab. These are your timeframes. Some people heal quickly, others heal slowly. There's just no reason to suggest a time limit for recovery; it varies athlete to athlete.

I could go on and on so, please, let me know how I too can help you understand your best choices for healing this injury.

shoeless joe

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