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RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin
dr um says that the longer you have the injury before you get surgery, the longer it takes to go away.
remeber how grant hill retired due to post-op issues?
i don't know how long he took a break for but he is playing again.

i never really doubted going to dr um over anyone else. there is a reason so many patients in the us are referred to her. she has done so many of these surgeries, way more than anyone else, and that is her specialty; she is the hernia champ.

i don't think i need an adductor release, i trust dr um's judgement on that. she has seen this many, many times before. the adductor pain is caused by an irritated nerve. tight muscles and fascia can be loosened and stretched. that is also the purpose of slicing the adductor tendon- to relieve the stress on the muscle and its attachments along the pubic bone. if it can be relieved via noninvasive methods, then sign me up. i have enough scar tissue in me already. if it takes longer to heal teh soreness around the muscle group, then so be it, i just don't want to be cut anymore.
i did have the injury 18 months, badly, before the diagnosis.
i am much better than beforehand. still healing.

it is frustrating since i cannot find a competant doc around where i live to do any kind of therapy for me aside from "alternative" methods.
the pain management prescribed lyrica, to cover up the pain. like that is going to fix the problem. i am not excited about a shotgun approach that will cover up pain, especially via a drug that is pretty new. who knows what that drug will do in 10 years?

so, sher, i am glad that i went the route i did with dr um. meyers could have been a good route as well but um costs less, uses less anesthesia (which i am not good with), and the patients are treated very, very well. and teh follow-up is remarkable. i have had 7 surgeries and have never seen the type of care that i have from um's clinic.

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