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RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin
there are 17 different (or 18?) different forms of ap according to meyers.
dr muschaweck feels that the ap injury is aquired via both genetics (collegen weakness/disorder) and via the typical overload of the muscles that you all know about. she says that 40% of us are totally ready to get it, just some of us get it through certain activities or movements. it just seems that athetes are easier to diagnose since athletes get hurt during their sports and thus docs attribute an injury to the pains. imagine all those people out there who are not athletes yet get the small "hernia(s)" while raking leaves, etc, and never get properly diagnosed.
having ap for a while can also lead to muscle imbalances and thus painful syndromes of muscle imbalances. such cases can be problems with the sacroiliac joints, rectus tightness, etc. Dr UM also feels that there are nearly never adductor tears with this injury, only adductor pain due to the nerves that are invovled; i'll bet this is debatable via dr meyers and others.
bottome line is, different folks experience different symptoms since we are all wired slightly differently. but overall, the pain around the pubic bone, adductor, and inguinal ligament seem to be the most common complaints. some people get it and only have pain after activity, then some get it full blown right away and can barely move (as in my case).
greg, i too had pain in the genitals, as numerous others have. just so you know. i have also heard of testicular pain being caused by trigger points in the pyramidalis muscles, which are located at the pubic bone, so maybe get that checked out by an experienced pt that does trigger point work or even better, a really good sports med doc.
but then keep in mind that i am no doctor, so all my input is simply from experience with the injury and research online and via communication with doctors.

hope it helps

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