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RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin

jeff55 wrote:

Run Daddy, It was probably in an earlier post, but who did yours?

After reading much of this thread, and hearing all the problems, I'm hoping that those who healed easily, whether with or without surgery, have happily gone on their way and are no longer heard from. Otherwise, the outlook is pretty bleak. I probably have an sh. I'm 55 years old, and a recreational soccer player and runner, but also a builder, so I still need my body for work. I think I had a mild sh 4 years ago that healed when I laid off of soccer for three months and did some pt. At that time I could run without pain, I just always felt like I had to urinate when I ran. Anybody had that symptom? This time it came on after I got too cranked up in a soccer game and did my first bicycle kick in many years. I felt just a little wierdness afterwards, but within a few days I was in real pain when I played. Gradually cut down my activity all fall, but never could get over it, so I tried 6 weeks of no running, biking (which usually doesn't hurt) or soccer. Mostly pain free, but I did get some pain even if I just walked three miles or more. My question is if anybody has any input on my specific symptoms:
1. No tenderness or pain on external pressure anywhere.
2. Pain usually isn't during exercise, but the next day it comes on, then gets worse the second day.
3. After I abuse it and get pain, it is always 5 days until the pain goes away-always the same.
4. Can bike moderate distance, but tried just a 1 1/2 mile run, and the pain was there the next day.
5. Pain was originally centered about 4 inches below bellybutton, but now moves around a bit.

I'm only 4 hour from Philly, so considering calling Meyers. If I could, I would probably go to Munich.
Frustrated, like everybody.

Meyers did my surgery. I'm 5 1/2 weeks out and doing pretty well. It aches after I run for a few hours and bothers me a little when I sit up in bed, but very minor compared to where I was. The next day it's always fine and I seem to be improving each week. I am able to swim without any problems.
Your symptoms sound like AP. Meyers will tell you he's identified 18 different syndromes under the AP umbrella, so not everyone has the same symptoms. The bottom line is you have recurring groin pain with exercise and no noticeable bulge. I would try to see Meyers.
I was very impressed with Dr. Meyers and his whole staff. About 3 1/2 weeks out I had a minor infection at one end of the incision. I called Meyers' cell phone and he returned my call within 30 minutes. About 5 days later I was concerned that the infection wasn't getting better, so I snapped a photo of it and e-mailed it to him. He answered my e-mail 20 minutes later and it was 10 P.M. on a Sunday night!! I think the guy works 7 days a week. I don't think I've ever had a doctor so devoted to his patients, and he had probably seen well over a 100 folks since he saw me. I don't know how he keeps it all straight.

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