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Flagpole Willy
RE: Post-nuptial shutoff?

A Woman Here wrote:

[quote]not my usual screen name wrote:

[quote]no names here either wrote:

Married nearly 20 years.

She has gained over 100 pounds since we got married,

It's amazing you can still get your plumbing to work with her.

I made it clear to my wife that she was never going to have to f**k a fat guy, and I'm never going to f**k a fat woman. So much of sex is physical attraction ... there's no way I could do that with a fattie, no matter how much I used to love her. And yes, as important as being fit is to me, if she let herself go like that I would lose all respect for her, and that'd be the end for us.[/quote]

What about when your wife was pregnant? Right after the baby? Were your grossed out?

My husband and I have an excellent sex life, and a part of that is him making me feel beautiful even when I was huge during/after pregnancy. It only took a couple of months for me to get back to normal weight after having a baby, but he always makes me feel attractive, and that is very very important. If he felt differently, then I'm sure our sex life wouldn't be as great as it is.[/quote]

A Woman Here,

I'm in agreement with what you're getting at, but there is one distinction that needs to be made. Pregnant women are not "fat". Pregnant women are just big, and any of them who watch their diet and exercise post birth return to their former levels...maybe with some stretch marks, but pregnancy never made anyone fat. The woman who has gained 100 pounds has done that due to eating too much and exercising too little. I can see how that could be a turnoff for some men. For me, if my thin wife ever gained 100 pounds I'd be concerned for her health and perhaps mad that she didn't take care of herself a bit better (I would find that selfish), but I'd still love her and likely still be attracted to her as she has many qualities that attract me to her.

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