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RE: Post-nuptial shutoff?
i honestly could care less if you have a disease or not...

but i can tell you with 100% certainty that I am not jealous of you, even if my wife never had sex with me

because if i was slimy enough to hook up random chicks for one night stands, i certainly wouldn't be gross enough to come onto and brag about it like each conquest was some kind of climbing of mt. everest

news flash, i was young, and i suppose all the other dudes on here were as well... we got around enough to satisfy and chose (ever hear of REVEALED PREFERENCE) to get married and stay married

so no, I'm not jealous of some pathetic wannebe elite runner who thinks it is the greatest thing in the world everytime he beds a new skank... and I certainly wouldn't be jealous of a someone with a personality who would shout it out to everyone like it was some kind of strong character trait

get a life bud


[quote]CORN HOLE wrote:

You could have something and not know it. Not all STD's are visible. You could be a carrier sharing the wealth.

If you've gone 10 years without a condom breaking, then you might just be the luckiest person I have ever heard of.

Sorry to let you down once again. I get tested for EVERYTHING once a year and it's all negative. Last test was a month ago. I get tested for Herpes, Syphyllis, HIV, HPV, Hepatitis, etc., and never tested positive for anything. I had some swollen lymph nodes and a fever one time, but it was just a good ol' case of the flu.


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