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RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin", or &
thanks for the indepth story. sounds like it makes lots of sense for the body setting one up for a full-blown sh.

i do have a question or two-

did your pelvic floor hurt, and experience tightness? the reason i ask- dr muschaweck only repairs the tear in the abdominals. i am sure she knows about the other doctors' approaches and whatnot. i met with her just over a month ago and she feels very strongly that there is not another muscular tear. i am wondering why others "repair the pelvic floor." what would be torn? since the pain in the taint began i started seeing a pt who specializes in the pf, and through her treatments my pf began to feel much, much better before the sh operations. i still get occasional pains in there, on one side, but they are short-lived.

how long did you have a full blown sh before you got your diagnosis and subsequent surgery?

i seem to also follow the pattern of total muscle imbalances. who was to know that i had such imbalances before the injury? dr muschaweck strongly feels that the condidtion is hereditary- meaning, a collogen weakness or dysfunction is what causes people to eventually get the sh, i guess that is why some athletes get it and most don't. we do the same amount of torque to our bodies. notice how some of these people who get them are pro athletes in top shape.
i am imbalanced throughout the hip extensors, flexors, abdomen, groin, etc.. like you , and many others here who probably have not yet been told of any imbalances. i don't however, have the major adductor pain. i do, however, still have pains near the scar, but apparently are not totally related to the scar. one doc thinks i may have torn my external obliques, which is common in the sh. could be a leftover pain imprint with the brain/cns, could be a hematoma, could be a # of things. had the ultrasound yesterday.
but hearing about the long recovery, and the imbalances that you so well describe, gets me wondering if i am just freaked out and the pains are there soley due to the imbalances and the long time of injury before diagnosis and needed surgeries.

i have all those phantom pains in the hip, buttock (like sciatica), groin, rectus, etc... come and go throughout the day, and never hurt all at once. the pain near the scar does coincide with si joint-area pain, though, and often referrs to pf.

sound familiar to your case?

just looking for answers, and to help others with these same phantom pains and sports hernia injuries. seeing as how badly it f%&ked me up, i want to help out as many people as possible to acheive releif, since i can emphasize with those people whose active lives have been ruined by an injury.

this thread is by far the best info on the injury that i can find anywhere on the internet, everyone keep this up!

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