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RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin", or &
Glad to find this thread, try my best reading(it is been really long now). Bless the internet:)

Groin, inner thigh, sometimes testicle pain. Began many years ago in a running, give up running for a while now, but the pain haunt me everyday. Learned swimming later on, thought it would put smaller strain on the groin. Esp annoying go to and get up from bed, take a long time for the pain to soothe so that I can fall in sleep or pull myself up. Anyone has this part?

Was thinking saving up money go to Mayo, looks like not worth it. 2 years ago, a surgeon suspect I had a left inguinal though my pain is bilateral. I freak out before the surgery. If the surgeon is not sure what you are getting, can he help you? The pain get worse and is with me each every day. Went back to the surgeon and asked for the regular hernia surgery for my last desperate attempt. Well, the surgeon didn't find a thing after the cough, etc. and think he is fooled last time so he was not willing to do the surgery. What should I do? I never felt a lump or bulge anywhere. Went back and beg him to do some explortary surgery and fix it as regular hernia and see what happens after? Or who I can turn to? Feel a little different from AP, a lot guys here are just fine resting, pick up the pain after resume sports, the pain is with me no matter what, exercise doen't hurt right away, it will hit me later when I try to get a rest. Anybody with me?

Saw score of doctors, surgeon, sport md. Hate doctors say to me "You are fine" while I am in pain. Even cancer patient get better treatment, at least they know what they are fighting at. Feeling like fight a phantom, so powerless...

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