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Lt Col. Ingus
RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin", or &
YOu last 2 who posted. I wonder if meyers actually had a clown suite on when he addressed your concern. That meyers is something else, what the hell can you say about a guy like that. I think sports hernia most often involves an imbalance created by injury, but it's suttle, which is why the damage does not show up on mri. Because the abdominals and glutes act contrary to the hip flexor or iliopsoas, it's not a stretch to suggest that alot of sports hernias involve an anterior rotation of the affected side ilium. Now, the iliopsoas or hip flexor runs from an attachment to the femur deep in the center of your leg, and on the upper end attaches to the front of your lumbar spine. The hipflexor by itself, will externally rotate the femur as a result of the way it weaves through the pelvis. IN a simple equation, if the abdominals are pulled away, the hip flexor will tighten and rotate forward. When it does this, the femur head is no longer properly seated, and this results in a pop. I'm guessing it would most likely be observed when you lift your leg or go from seated to standing. OK, on the upper end of psoas, where it attaches to the front of the lumbar spine vertabre, because it is to tight it will tend to rotate the vertebra on the tight side, and this will result in popping from the L5S1 or bottom up to the top of the attachment as the top of the psoas attaches in a few places to the spine. You'll feel this pop as the psoas pulls more on one side, when you go from sitting to standing most likely. To coclude, the tight iliopsoas pulls the femur head and lumbar vertebra out of alignment, directly causing the popping. Tell that boy meyers to explain this to you like he should have already, instead of brushing you off. Let us know what he says.


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