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Lt Col. Ingus
RE: Anyone ever had a \"Sports Hernia\" aka: \"Sportsman\'s hernia\", \"Gilmore\'s groin
All right johnny the jet, I looked over your holy cow post, as promised. I don\'t know right off hand what sacrum twisted clockwise means? I know anterior or posterior rotatiion and lateral or medial shift, but what do think they were trying to say be \"clockwise twist?\"

When anyone has doc muschaweck operate, who does the follow up here in the states?

Concerning the left side bulge and being able to move things around, and feeling a vienna sausage in the abdomen, the last time I encountered those exact same symptoms I was on ship headed back to Earth after visiting a remote planet off the grid, where we encountered a nasty little alien. On the up side, when that little alien came out he made it big in Hollywood as a co star in Aliens, so you might have that going for you Johnny. Just kidding Jet. If you can move more superficial tissue around, that might mean that the psoas on that side is extremely tight. I would certainly be careful with that stretching Jet. You just had doc musch. tighten and snug all that tissue up, so I wouldn\'t be stretching it all to hell, you know. Concerning your loose tissue comment, someone told me to not think about it as tissue that is loose and hypermobile, but rather associated tissue is extremely tight or to tight and the loose tissue feels wrong or stretched out by comparison only, ya know what I mean? Specifically, the tissue you can touch might seem loose because the deeper broad psoas is extremely tight. I think that would make sense anatomically???? Alright, if your iliopsoas was torn or severely damaged, it would hurt bad to lift your left knee to chest, while standing. Resistance,hand on knee, while bringing knee to chest would also hurt bad, but let me be clear. If this injury is older, say a year or 2 you could have really bad damage and still be able to lift your leg without sharp pain. I know that does not help Ok, your ? on CT or MRI of iliopsoas is interesting. I wonder why you said CT rather than the more popular MRI? Over time, even a clean rip and associated scar tissue fads so that it would no longer be visable AT ALL on a damn MRI. I think MRI\'s suck and are highly over rated. I know some things show up on CT scan that don\'t show up on MRI. Not having an MRI may really NOT have hurt ya jet. I heard once, abdominal tissue shows up better on CT scan.

In my case, if feels like the psoas has been pulled away at the top and dropped down and re-attached, but I have no alien to speak of. See the psoas is so deep and so inter-connected that it\'s hard to even be able to feel exactly what\'s wrong. All I know is it hurts damn bad. In my case, it would make NO DIFFERENCE, because the injury is old enough that it will no longer show up on any scan. I gotta go for now, but lets here some about my earlier ?\'s to posters, so we can all learn here.


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