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Lt Col. Ingus
RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin", or &

The post right before this one begs the ?, the HB Beer House still around German town, Jet? Brad first. Good ? Tight or damaged hip flexor would manifest itself in alot of the periphiral symptoms in the groin that people have been posting from the beginning. You could also have a bad back ache because the top attachment is pulling the lumbar spine forward and down real hard. Concerning the adductor problem, this is what I think I figured out. Often times Meyers procedure includes abdominal/pelvic floor sewing and adductor release, and I thought to myself, why the adductor release? I think as the ilium rotates forward the adductors take up the slack created by this action, so they get toooo tight. When Bill sews you up, he has snugged up the core attachment to the lower pelvis, but the adductors are still tight because of the rotation, and with the musculature below the waist being soooo much stronger than that above, your best bet at recovery is to have your adductors released. I hear Billy's get'n a new Singer for x mas. Now, "What am I doctor????" How the hell do I know for sure. I have read this thread from the beginning and what it needs is an injection of MD assistance. We also need to get that Waves2ya guy back here, proper. Now, Johnny the jet. Try to cool your jets Johnny, as your probably not going to explode, right now. I have been hurt real bad and gotten NO operation. I hear good things about Dr Muschaweck, so not to worry there. I will scan and e mail you the "Feeling the Pinch" article. Let me think about your other stuff a little bit first. You know, I'm in South Dak right now and I met with doc's at University of Iowa in Iowa City. These doc's are heavy into internet and e mail. They LOVE IT over there. If anyone knows MD there in Iowa City, tell them about this thread and try to get them to post. Look, this post is all about tring to help each other out, but I can't operate and we need more actionable advice. Be nice if we could get Big Boy Billy to Bud Up. Back soon,

Your Lt.

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