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RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin", or &
I think you guys are really onto something by bring the psoas into the discussion here. I’m 25 now and have experienced lifelong psoas tightness on my right side. I was a serious runner in high school, but was never very comfortable while running and always had a slight “hitch” in my stride. Looking back, I think I was on my way to getting a full-blown sports hernia—but the part of my body that was my weakest link was my left rectus femoris muscle as opposed to my pelvic floor, lower abs, etc. At age 17 I ended up gradually tearing my left RF over a several week period of running and I was forced to quit competitive running.

I really feel that if my left RF didn’t fail, the massive imbalances and sheering forces caused by my uneven running motion would have torn my pelvic floor to shreds. And the cause of the imbalanced running stride?: my tight right psoas. Most doctors/PT’s will never mention the psoas, but this muscle really is at the core of good balance and biomechanics—and is also related to many injuries. For instance, does your right achilles hurt?—don’t treat just the achilles… also treat the cause which may very well be a shorter right leg and tight right psoas.

I currently work on releasing/relaxing my psoas every day. I never run anymore, but am a Cat 2 road cyclist—so there is life beyond running. Looking back on running, my conclusion is that running is very bad for your body, and if you do not have good biomechanics and balance you run the risk of seriously damaging your body as you try to “run through the pain.”

My suggestion to everybody experiencing sports hernia symptoms is to read up on the psoas and start becoming aware of your psoas muscle.

Also, for anybody that wants to argue about whether cycling or running is the harder sport… the answer is that they’re different sports and are difficult in their own unique ways.

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