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RE: Bravo ...
.....If your baby brother's pants fit you
....If you can wear his shirts too
....If you are a teenager and someone asks you where your mother has gone
...If you have ever beat the treadmill
.....If you can still shop in the kids section of every clothing store
....If your pants from the thrid grade still fit
You have ever ran on the Fourth of July

If you run places just because it is faster and you want ot burn more calories

If you bring your lunch to school everyday because there is nothing good to eat at school

If all you bring for lunch is an apple

If you have a farmers tan

If you have gone to the beach to run, but not ot get into the water

If people tell you you run like a person from baywatch

If your old running shoes become your school shoes

If you wear your running clothes to school to save weight in your duffle bag

If the extra weight is occupied by water

If you drink more water in a day than everyone in any one of your classes combined

If your duffle bag is heavier than your backpack

If you dont need a duffle bag because you wear all your gear to school

If you know all the quicker routes to stores and other public places only because you have ran there millions of times

If you jog the entire period of P.E. when your teacher tells you to perpare for the mile run

If you do not need to prepare for the mile run

If you can do more sit ups than any other person in the class including the P.E. teacher

If your feet sink to the bottom of the pool when you try to float

If you have ever done speed running in hte deep end of the pool and actually remained above water

If your calves are bigger and stronger than any guy that you know

If people comment about how big and buff your calves are

If your arms are as thin as toothpicks

If you look like a toothpick

If you know a stretch for every muscle in the body

If running supercedes all of your other plans

If all of your white socks look like they have been dumped in mud

If your feet are as lumpy as a bean bag

If you have one or more blisters on your feet that are the size of or bigger than a penny

If you have ever refered to your running shoes as your babies

If soda is too strong for you

If eating pizza or any other greasy foods makes you sick

If you have ever gone to a speed workout when you were sick

If you say your sickness is a slight stomache ache

If you have ever ran until your feet were numb

If track is the easy sport

If you stretch in your school
If you fidget only to burn calories
If you wake up before school to run then run after school
If your transportation home from school is your feet
If you have ever ran to work

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