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RE: Tyler Hamilton's heavy doping program revealed

jsquire wrote:

If that were true why do countries like Italy have such tough anti-doping laws? Here they never go after the athlete, just the supplier. Over there it sounds like they will be just as rough on the athlete. Or am I reading this wrong? I'm not trying to bust your chops here, just trying to get some insight.

I dont neccessarily think that the general attitude of the public toward the morality of doping is directly connected to the governing bodies regulation of it. To use a non-running example, I dont think many people in America think of underage drinking as a moral issue, yet its heavily cracked down on (as much as the cops are capable of.) There they arent really connected much at all.

My point is that we (americans) look at Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Rafael Palmeiro, Marion Jones and Tyler Hamilton and we think they dont know right from wrong and that they are evil people and along the same lines we look at Lance and think because he does good things for cancer patients that he therefore does know right from wrong and thus would never cheat. From what I have heard the attitude in Europe is quite the contrary. Its not about right and wrong, but about levelling the playing field and thats it.

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