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RE: Tyler Hamilton's heavy doping program revealed

TGeldean wrote:

The other aspect is that IF this is all true, it should point out that "good guys" can still take performance enhancing drugs. I briefly met Tyler Hamilton, and he seemed like a nice enough guy. Everything I've ever heard about him (other than the, uh, suspension as a drug cheat) is that he's a great guy, one of the nicest guys in the sport. People have a hard time reconciling this concept, and see the "drug cheat" and "good guy" as mutually exclusive personalities. They're not.

As much as cheating disgusts me, I totally agree with your statement. Ive not met Tyler personally but everyone in Boulder that I know, who have met him, had the same reaction as you. My cycling friends tell me that in Europe its not the "moral issue" that it is in America. Apparently a lot of people view it as part of the sport. This has not been the impression Ive had from European newspapers, but from the friends of mine who have raced in Europe, thats what Ive heard. I think in the culture that they race in (Europe) its marginally accepted and therefore, there isnt a line between "Moral people" and "Unmoral people" when it comes to who is doping and who isn't. It seems to be in direct contrast with American track and field, where it almost seems like you would have to be lacking a conscience to cheat because of the moral standard that is placed on purity in sports. Just my two cents.

On a side note, Tim, any FF guys doing the BRR meet 3k on the 6th???

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