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RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin", or &
Things are great. I had the surgery on April 26th. It's like a miracle to be without that pain in my groin. I just got done rehab. The only thing a little sore is the inner thigh with the adductor release. I am taking the running slowly. That is the key. Meyers has a very specific rehab protocol he gives you. Meyers does not use the mesh. Your doc should have given you a rehab protocol. I feel like a new person.
I copied some of his protocol.
WEEK 4 No sit-ups or biking
BEGINNING Posterior pelvic tilt (5-6 sec. hold) sets of 10
RESISTIVE EXERCISES Mild resistive exercises – Pool exercises
• Pool walking: forward and backward (3-5 laps initially)
• Standing hip adduction/abduction, flexion, extension (30 reps each)
• Partial squats (30 reps)
• Heel raising (30 reps)
Gentle stretching
• Side bending (4 times for 30 seconds each)
• Hip extension stretch (4 times for 30 seconds each)
• Psoas, groin, hamstring, quads
WEEK 5 Progressive resistance exercises
GETTING BACK TO Hip flexion/adduction/abduction/extension with body weight - when sets of 10-10-15
NORMAL SHAPE accomplished, weights may be increased in 2lb increments
Pool exercises
• Running backward/forward, cariocas, side slides (3-5 laps initially), jumping jacks (legs only), scissors, swimming (flutter kicks only – NO BUTTERFLY STROKE)

Jogging ½ mile – 1 mile (include backward runs and increase in ¼ mile increments) and the following agility drills: 50 yard agility drills for every ¼ mile

Strengthening: Abdominal crunches
• Sprinting – 50 yards with gradual 25 yard warm-up and 23 yard cool down. Gradually build up speed avoiding sudden stops and starts
• Cross-overs/straddles
• Figure 8’s
• Lunges – 3 sets of 10
• Pylometrics – shuttle, rope jumping
• Add sport specific activities as follows:
*Soccer (dribbling, passing). No shooting or long volleys.
*Running (hills, sprints)
• Upper body exercises can be incorporated in a progressive fashion – 20 minutes
• Stairmaster – 20 minutes
• Calisthenics

Week 6 Scrimmage, progressive controlled contact (mild pain expected particularly after
PLAY exercising…if you experience sharp and/or severe pain modify exercise program to eliminate trigger point). Do not do more sit-ups or crunches this week.

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