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RE: More Worms please.
That's what made people like Snell or Magee or Halberg to be able to run 22-mile Waitak in 2:15 or so. That's what made people like Ron Clarke to be able to run a very long distance at very fast pace (without dipping into anaerobic). That's also usually the point where people like above mentioned would start racing hard (because you can) and, after a while, start to feel jaded; so you go back and rebuild your condition again. You should still improve your general fitness level year after year but by doing the same time of training (i.e.; just long aerobic running), you can improve only so much.

You need to figure our your own pattern. If you say that gloomy weather is stopping you from being super fit or continue improving, and if you want to keep improving, you need to get out regardless of the weather and continue training. If you don't like to run in the rain or snow or whatever and be content to reach certain level and then level off; so be it. You have nobody to blame. You shouldn't stop training because of the weather (within reason) anyways because most probably the race will NOT be cancelled just because it's raining or snowing.

In my case, what stopped me was injuries or feeling of being overtrained. What I've learnt from that is the true meaning of committment; being truly committed means (1) never forget small matters like icing and good nutrition or getting enough sleep when things are going great; and (2) never get discouraged and give up things that you can do when you can't train properly like massaging or walking or stationary biking, etc. When Seko couldn't run for nearly 2 years, he walked upto 20 miles; he continued what he could do.

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