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RE: Nice work, mate.
I think HRE explained it wonderfully. He knows what he's talking about (most of the time...).

Let's see..., so if you brought 3 seconds in 600m down in a couple of weeks; that means you can bring another 9 seconds down in 6 weeks... So you'll be where you want to be in the beginning of April??? Okay, of course, things don't progress like on paper, will it? The progress is not linear...or is it? Or could it? We all wish... What do you think would make us able to continue to improve speed like that? Speed training...yes. You need to work on that. But sooner or later, you'll hit the wall and you won't progress any more. There are number of limiting factors; genetics, leg length (maybe), power, flexibility, etc. Naturally, I'm sure we'll all agree that the more we practice "speed", the faster we can get. What would allow us to do even MORE "speed" training? How can we "prolong" this progression to continue a little bit longer than otherwise; say, you'll continue improving your 600m time till June instead of hitting the wall in April? What is one of the most important elements that allow you to "endure" all these progress?

As HRE explained, Lydiard figured out that the most efficient way to train is to work on different development in blocks. What takes longest to develop yet stay longest with you once developed? It would make perfect sense to tackle that first, wouldn't it? Of course, most peolpe only see that part of the program and either criticize the program, or get disappointed because they never advance from that point and conclude that this program is no good.

One thing, though, Skuj, you're right. "Speed" should not be overlooked throughout the year. Lydiard had said that many times. But then you need to define "speed". Is it running 600m; or doing some hill springing exercise or sprint drills? Is it "speed" training if you run "fast" regardless of the distance? Would you classify running 600m in 1:45 as "speed training"?

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