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RE: You might be a runner if...
for the girls:

*Don't mind receiving or giving sweaty hugs to or from guys
*Have crushed on only hot track stars
* Wish you were as fast as nicole blood or any runner that makes FLs or the fastest runner in your section.
*Wish you could make nationals, but know you're kidding yourself.
*When you get injured go through major running withdrawal, and always bitch, moan and cry about how much you miss it and all your hard training for you "supposed to be breakout season" is down the drain.
*You aren't grossed out when guys from your team puke near or in front of you.
*Wished you were a twig but will never be
*Take more dumps than anyone in your house, even your brother or dad
* Wish that in teen magazines in the "traumarama" section some running horror stories get in, but never ever do :(
*Track meets take up your friday nights or saturdays and you're fine with that, that's your way to party
*Track meets are even better than slumber parties and you look forward to each track meet
*Wonder how your tight uniform makes your butt and chest look
*If a guy runs, he's AoK in your book
*Hate the sweaty bra stains while in the summer
*It doesn't matter how shitty your day was, when you get a PR that just made your day
*Some guy runners on your team or on another are cooler than your non-running bf
*Wondered for fun what runner you would date if you didn't have a bf
*When playing "M.A.S.H." with the girls on long bus rides, most of the "husbands" are track guys or track stars
* Wonder which runner you would marry to produce the fastest babies
*Laugh when girls in P.E. cry when you're told to run a mile
* Lap the preppy girls while jogging the mile while they decide which lap to walk
* People always say to you during school when they saw you run
* When younger girls on your team ask your mile time and after begrudgingly telling them, they say you're really fast even though you know you're nowhere close

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