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RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin", or &
Here's the latest with me. Again, a completly undiagnosed injury, but all signs and symptoms point to some version of a sports hernia. I've had this for going on almost 2 yrs with RICE and all that doing zilch.

Decided to run the NYC marathon despite my haphazard training due to the limits of the injury telling me not to.
It was a success in that I finished and met me random goal time of sub 2:50. I went out too quick in 1:20, and then proceeded to fade, but held on for dear life. Felt real strong thru mile 10, then my right groin like clockwork started to flare up. The interesting thing is that soon thereafter my right quad completely locked up, I dont know whether this was due to the shock of the pavement as I do 100% of my runs on trails. And I definitely did notice the difference in surface in my runs around Prospect Park in the days leading up to the race.

Anywho, my left quad followed suit soon thereafter, and it got to the point with about 13 miles left where I really didn't know if at any point they were going to seize on me, and fully cramp. But, somehow they didn't, until I went thru the finish and started walking, and then it got bad. Spent a good 1/2 hr in the medical tent getting iced, they tried to get me on my feet more than once, which wasn't happening, and then finally 4 of them got me up, and then I was walking VERY gingerly to the family meeting area. The stairs for the subway back to my brother's in Brooklyn wasn't pretty or fun, but I made it. So, I reached my goal, runnin a 2:48, and felt like the distance was a good match for me, and it got me pretty excited at the potential, but at the same time, I really feel like I have to have some work done, I can't keep going thru this constant battle I feel like I'm facing.

The german doc seems real interesting to me. Ideally, i'd like to have a doc who seems to have some interest in my case, and the follow up, like Cattey, which maybe Myers doesn't with the sheer numbers he sees. But, bottomline, I really don't care what their personality is, as long as I face the best chances at full recovery. I know I don't have the worse case scenario, which could mean a good chance at recovery? But, I do know i've had it for quite some time, which isn't ideal, as I'm sure scar tissue is developing, and I keep abusing my body pretty good, and i'm facing a long ski season on teles which I've started to think might have been the main contributor in the first place, though I think its most likely a combo of wear and tear with the different sports I play.

Anyways, long winded, sorry. I feel like I'm walking that fine line between still being able to compete somewhat in the events I like to do, but wanting to have work done, and reaching my full potential, and stepping up to the ultra scene. Hopefully, this is buried deep enough so the ultra bashers don't come out and hijack this thread.

So, all of you with this injury, I totally feel the pain, I'm nowhere near sneezing and feeling pain, but I feel it on some level. Keep your heads up. I'm thinking of seeing Myers in the spring, when I relocate back to the East Coast.


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