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RE: A Lydiard Thread
When we talk about "genetics" for 800m, I can not ignore the image of one man--Juantorena. Lydiard was a bit too much in saying all those good 400m guys can make it in a great 800m if they work on their aerobic development and he had been criticised with it. To that, I feel HRE's argument is spot-on. Surely he didn't think any of those 400m guy can become a brilliant 800m runner. But here's the argument on this "natural talent" stuff; Lydiard ALWAYS said that "You cannot determine what you can do or cannot do unless you engage yourself in a systematic training program over a several years."

It really annoys me when all those thread posters asking expert readers such questions as "If I do this, how fast can I run?" If we know that, what's the point of competition? If we know the result, whether we can or cannot do something, what's the point of even trying? How can you say you do or do not possess "key genetics" without training systematically for 3 or 4 or 5 years? That's the name of the game, isn't it? Sure, I remember asking Arthur what he thought I could run. His reply, with a grin, was "You tell me!" He asked me my 200m time--he was big on measuring one's "basic speed" over 200. I told him, at that time, that I had not done much speed training or sprint work that I didn't know. He said, "Well, you need to work on that and figure out what's your best speed is." I can hop on a track today and run, oh, maybe 32 seconds for 200? That, I hope, is nothing to reflect my true potential as a sprinter. If trained correctly, who knows, I could have been a great white (or yellow?) sprinter of the 80s!? I never trained as a sprinter, I never checked my muscle type, I always seem to be able to pass runners in the last 100 yards of the race--I'll just leave it with "Perhaps I could have been great in sprinting..." I never found out (so I can say anything!).

Lydiard, ever so positive in his approach, always said that individual's potential is SO much better than we limit ourselves to. Most of us never find out because we never train properly--be it Iglio system or Lydiard system or Nakamura system--to fulfill it.

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