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Admirer of Lydiard
RE: A Lydiard Thread

give me a break wrote:

" why long runs are NECESSARY for the 800m runner"??

Hmmm......if they are so necessary, then why have so many great 800m runners excelled without them?? (and I assume that by "long", you mean something like 20 miles, which is exactly what Snell would often do). Well??
There's no need to be so corrosive.

Speak about realization of potential.

The fact that Arthur collected gold medal winners and world record holders from the neighborhoods around him speaks volumes about what his training can do for someone without reams of talent.

Many 800m runners used and use long runs. Nixon Kiprotich, who I recall won silver in 1992 (and says he would have won gold but for tactical shoving) would run VERY long:

The fact that other 800m runners have run fast without long runs doesn't mean that long runs aren't NECESSARY to achieving FULL potential.

Wilson Kipketer ran 3 times 1:41, and he ran long as a child if I remember correctly. Sebastian Coe ran long--I;ve read stories about him doing 14 mile road runs in blizzards with his father driving a car next to him.

All Lydiard said: run a lot, and mix in different elements (hills, basic speed, some ananerobic work late), and focus on aerobic work for the most part. Wow, what a genius. People before him had similar traning ideas (van Aaken) and people after him (without being directly influenced by him) had similar ideas. He's not as unique you all want to make him out to be.
Again, no need to be corrosive.

I'm not sure why you seem to be so angry at Lydiard. He was a good guy as far as I can tell, and his contributions to running training theory are legendary and long standing.

For you to say "Oh, all Lydiard did was say 'Do x, y, and z'" is much like saying "All Newton did was discover gravity. Any stupid fool could have done that."

When you were 6 years old, was training to reach maximum capacity in running intuitive knowledge for you? I think not. You know some of what you know now, no doubt, thanks to Arthur.

Igloi had a much different system from Lydiard's, and frankly he directly developed as many if not more world class runers than Lydiard did. (and I said directly, because all of you Lydiard fanatics try to give him credit for every distance running success in every nation: 'oh Lydiard trained the Finns, oh, Lydiard made the Japs long distance stars, oh Bill Rodgers [or whoever] was a Lydiard "disciple," etc, etc.)
Well, Arthur DID train the Finns and Japs!

Would you like people to pretend that certain successes which were undoubtedly due to his training approach should NOT be credited to him? I'm beginning to think you're Sir Lancelot posting under a different name with this Igloi talk.

Igloi was a great coach, but few around the world use his theories. All respect to Bob Schul, but 13:38, even on cinders, will shut you out of world class competition.

But Snell's 1:44 on grass (1:42 on Mondo) would have been #1 in the world last year!

Oh yeah, sorry to have rained on your "we've figured it all out, and it is so simple: just follow St Arthur" party.
You seem pretty angry.

Maybe you need to take some time away from the boards and walk some things out?

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