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RE: A Lydiard Thread

Sorry, I didn't mean to come out like I was seaking your coaching me. As I tried to list some points on the Lydiard program per skuj's request, I was wondering if you could list some of your main "points" but I guess coach Lananna sort of covered it in his presentation which was posted somewhere.

I was exchanging some comments with skuj at his message board (which he posted a couple of pages ago). I came up with this analogy while running through Wood Rill nature preserve near by today which I liked a lot so I'd like to share it with you:

"Let me ask you a question. I have one daughter. I think you're too young to have a kid but ask your parents if you may. There are some books about how to raise a child. My wife read it, but I never did (told her I did!). I think I'm a pretty darn good dad. There are many many parents out there. How many actually read those books? Or better yet, how many actually follow "a formula"? If they don't, why do you think that is? And, if they don't, how do you think they figure out how to raise their child(ren)?

I'd like to jump the gun and give the answer (or at least what I'd think as an answer). Not everybody follow the textbook manual for raising child because we know that all the kids are unique and individual. We don't necessarily need to "study" all the possible numbers (start walking by 10 months or talking by, depending on what you consider "talking", but, what, 8 months or start to reason by year 2 or whatever); but we pretty much know, as a parent, what's going on with our kids because we observe them and "study" not from text but from their reactions and behaviors. And that's what "coaching" is all about, isn't it? But for some reason, when it comes to the Lydiard program, they all go, gees, he said 4 weeks of hill training; he said to do three days of hills and other days sprint training and I got injured...this is no good! What's up with that?

In fact, it's a LOT like raising kids. There are general principles, yes, but you loosely follow it and adjust it to the individual's needs. And here's another interesting thought; as we saw in "Supersize Me", human body can tolerate so much. You give lots of sugary stuff, they'll not only live with it, but also "grow"! Is it really good for them? NO! Will there be some serious side-effect? I'd say yes. Would they grow and do pretty well even in sports and all? Yes, some actually do! To me, that's intervals and repetition heavy training program."

I think skuj liked it do, didn't ya?

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