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RE: Effort and Pace
I have tremendous respect for coach Howill. I think he's done a tremendous job with Tim Hutchingson (running, that is; not broadcasting). One of the things we, this British Miler's Club gentleman and myself, would love to do a couple of years ago, was to get Lydiard and Frank Howill in the same room and see which one comes out alive.

Quite often coaches get such strong opinion on themselves as well as others that they absolutely insist that they do it their way and others do completely different program. In a way, Lydiard was no exception. I remember one day jogging with him and we were making fun of Frantz Stampfle being such an interval guy when apparently the actul fact is that Stampfle was having his guys run quite a bit of distance work as well. Same with Lydiard and Cerutty going at each other when their programs were probably more similar than not (no, HRE, don't start "Lydiard or Cerutty" thread!).

Frank Howill sounds like a character and when you really analize it, his program has a lot of similarlities to the Lydiard program than not. I've read his article about hopping on one leg to work on explosive power. Well, that's Lydiard hill training. He often gives crap about Lydiard's 100MPW training but, really, even if 100 is an extreme, give me an example of someone running at elite level who would do better with, say, 25MPW (the number it seems quite a few letsrun readers like to refer to) than 50, or 60, or 80...or 120? No, I'll take it back. It's not so much of those numbers but the fact that you need to develop very good solid aerobic base. I would doubt very much coach Howill would disagree with that. Some people's optimum distance might be 80, others might have to run 120. A few could even get away with 50, or they may have to stay 50 or so for whatever the reason (don't give me checking out the internet as a reason!).

I would love to learn more about just what the heck he advocate. I'll bet, when you look closely to it, they are not as wacky as they may sound. People still laugh at me when try to perform Lydiard pogo stick hill bounding! Of course, they used to throw rocks at them when he was training an 800m runner upto 100 miles a week! (Wait, they still do! ;o))

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