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Thanks for your approval! I thought, while HRE was staying with you, you two would post bunch of messages...

One of the things we, the Lydiard Foundation (I just finished the proposal and budget and Lorraine Moller is proof-reading it for me), are trying to do is to clarify bunch of specific points that people have been misled to believe. By NO mean whatsoever, I'm insinuating Lydiard was lying; but he sure have left us all wondering!

Yes, he did say that we should run on the road. But he was merely suggesting that we should have good traction. Kim is absolutely correct, Lydiard did say that probably the forest trails in Scandinavia would be the best place to run because it's not as hard yet gives you good traction. As Kim knows, there is a great iron-sand beach north of Auckland, NZ. Arthur took me there a couple of times (for a run as well as a picnic). Very firm, yet forgiving to your legs. Beautiful setting as well. No undulation though. Jeff Julian believes that running on the road is not good for you (yes, Jeff Julian! Can you believe that, Kim!?). Ray Puckett often took me to the bush track in Auckland (trails) for a long run of upto 3 hours. Bill Baillie also told me that running through bush track is a tremendous general conditioning. So just because Lydiard said to run on the road, that does NOT mean you should NOT run any other surface at all. Same with his original schedule. I believe he said, for 22-miler on weekend, he said "on a flat course"; well, Waitak is no pancake! He said "flat" for 22-miler because he didn't want someone starting out to get too discouraged (what a nice guy!). As Kim described NZ's harrier's weekend run earlier in this thread, they do go over some crazy courses! But that really strengthens them as an overall athlete.

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