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RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin
Give it some time groinals - like a year or so; don't write yourself off. As hair club president - ok, just a patient -here's my take.

If you are getting a lot of stuff done (lifting reasonable weights (approx. 30% of ur bodyweight), running + 10K-ish, playing w/ your kids, etc.), you should not be contemplating these surgeries. That said, prior to my AP episode, I never had back pain. Now I do. I believe AP is part of a degradation of the pelvic compartment, including the hip girdle and lower lumber. Once one infrastructural block is compromised, others (discogenic, hip tears, etc.) can follow. Why studious reinforcement of first line of defense (rec ab/trans ab & related musculature) is critical.

If you are presenting so that stairs are difficult, you have pain in the rec ab hip area upon waking and have difficultly sleeping (and you've ruled out hip/other debility) - you've may have a nasty rec ab tear and Dr. Meyers repair would be an important part of the pelvic re-stabilization (less pubic 'popping'). But I think Cattey's insertion of mesh and tacks (an extremely common lapro hernia technique) reinforces the abdominal wall and may properly finish the repair. And if you only present with rec abs discomfort/weakness (can't do Pilates/stomach work) but otherwise don't have that "there's something unattached deep in there" feeling - Cattey's repair alone may do the trick.

William's concerned about the tacks and mesh adhering nerves/blood vessels is with good reason - hernia boards are full of some very unhappy customers. I have neurogenic discomfort from Dr. Meyer's mucking around and can only imagine if notecard size mesh + tacks resided in there as well. But, with this type of hernia surgery being among the most frequently visited of all surgical procedures (millions done annually worldwide), and Cattey being acknowledged as the best re: AP & this procedure - the odds look good. However, 3000+ surgeries later, the odds looked very good with Dr. Meyers, too...

I do wonder if Dr. Cattey isn't on to something. If the tacks are solid and don't impinge and the mesh co-ordinates with the viscera (and doesn't entrap) - all a crapshoot - then I believe the abdominal wall would be reinforced. And a comfy (and athletically productive) lifestyle might ensue. But Dr. Cattey's site incredulously promises 100% success (no surgery is 100%) and I don't think he has as many procedures, or world class athletes, under his belt as Dr. Meyers; if someone finds out his number of AP surgeries, etc., I'd be interested. Surgeons are extremely reluctant to concede failure; and if there's failure, it's due to something other than their brilliant intervention!

Anyhow - the fact is that this whole AP/pelvic instability deal has gotten so sophisticated - the money guys realize many athletes don't recover - that big soccer clubs in the US are sending their guys to Germany...

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