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RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin
Okay I just need some feedback on here. I've followed what was/has been posted. I just need some advice from fellow runners, not doctors. :)

I am actually deciding right now between Dr. Cattey an Dr. Myers for surgery.

Basically the pain for me started in late March, mostly just in the groin area on the right side, not much just kind of dull, didn't think anything about it really. I had been a little sick in early March and had a cough like never before and kind of tighted up my ribcage on the lower right side. Ran an 8k race in late April, but felt like I was missing some pop in my turnover, like I was running with restricted range of motion and ran very flat. Then things kind of got worse, not horribly, but not good. Kept training hard, ran a very hilly race in early June. Went in banged up and came out a wreck, down hills were much worse then up. Felt like things were about to lock up and the cool down was like a shuffle. I did some pool running, etc. My range of motion is fine. I can do all the stretches in the world. I can hammer on stationary bike and do hard pool workouts and no problem, no pain.

Anyway in late June I left to go overseas, spent several weeks on the road. The pain got worse and it was hard to treat it. I could maintain an easy pace like 6:45's, but man past 45 minutes it would just lock up and most days it hurt from the onset from the groin, the abs, the entire pelvic area and even hips sometimes, the pain moved around like nothing I had ever had. It didn't make sense. A doctor looked at me, saw no hernia and nothing added up. I was locking up whenever I tried to run hard or long and was/am in pain to a degree even on easy days like 45-60 min. Sometimes it feels like the bottom of my pelvic bone is about to give out. The most I attempted run over those weeks was a 72 mile week, but nothing ever felt good. I couldn't imagine even trying to race or do hard workouts with it.

I did a lot of research and checked through everything I could find. Finally another runner and coach directed me to this thread and said check this out.

So now I am trying to determine who is the best to see (Dr. Cattey or Dr. Myers). I've talked to them both and the procedures are different. Which is best? I've heard both, but man I only want to go through surgery one time.

Some background, I am 32, have run about 40,000 miles so the body has a little wear on it. Avg. talent 24:50 8k, 1:09 1/2 marathon. Just like to run, avg 60-70 MPW on singles year around, more at times, but at least 3000 miles a year.

Thanks for your help.


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